Grants Available for CDL Training


In America there has been a shortage of skilled truck drivers for many years, however the recent pandemic has increased this need. Currently there are not enough truck drivers to fill open positions. The high demand for CDL drivers has resulted in not only an increase in driver pay, but also an increase in grants available for CDL training programs. 

Depending on your current situation, you may be eligible to receive state or local funding to assist with the cost of tuition. The amount of assistance can vary by program, however in many cases grants cover most, if not all of training costs.

Our career specialists are here to help you develop a cost-effective plan, which may include one of the financial assistance programs below. 

WIOA Funding

Through the Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act (WIOA), eligible applicants receive a grant to attend courses, build their skillset and obtain reliable employment. Numerous graduates of DRC network schools have utilized WIOA funds to get their CDL.  If you have been laid-off, received unemployment or SNAP benefits, you may be eligible. Call 800-391-2754 now to talk to a career specialists about a WIOA grant to get your CDL.

State and Local Retraining Funds

There are numerous state and local retraining funds available to help individuals obtain a skill that will ensure more stable employment. For example Kentucky residents who have worked in the farming industry in the recent two years may be eligible for the Kentucky Farmworkers grant. This grant is available to help Kentucky residents find a more stable, high earning vocation. 

Vocational Rehab

Students receive funding through either state or private Vocational Rehabilitation programs also known as Voc Rehab. If you are an injured worker or are currently in a rehabilitation program, you may be eligible for this type of funding.

Veterans Post 9/11 GI Bill®

For military veterans, the Post 9/11 GI Bill® provides expanded benefits for CDL training tuition and even an apprenticeship program. You may be eligible to use your GI Bill® to help pay your tuition and provide additional assistance while you are training. Some carriers, in fact, are members of the Military Apprenticeship Program. With this program, you may be eligible to earn a monthly educational benefit check along with your weekly salary from your new job. For some veterans, this could be as much as $1,400 additional each month. This benefit may also be extended to your spouse or children. Apply now and we’ll help walk you through this process.

Tribal Education

Native American students may be eligible to receive funding through their tribal council or Bureau of Indian Affairs. If you believe you may be eligible, please contact Jo Vallejo at 405-979-0618.

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As you can see there are numerous grants available to assist with the cost of CDL Training. Our career specialists are here to help!. Take the first step and call now or fill out an interest form and they will contact you to discuss eligibility.

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    1. Chance, we do offer training in South Carolina! If you complete our application we will call and review tuition assistance opportunities with you

  1. I let my CDL go , I had health problems over the last 6 years, and my blood pressure was too high. So I never gotten my MED Card redone.
    And my CDL was suspended. My health is doing better. And I want to go back on the road soon. I was thinking about doing something like Custom Critical.
    .Do you think it will be possible for me to get my CDL back?

  2. I currently receive SSDI and would like to get a grant to get my class B CDL. I have some recent driving box truck experience. If you can help me. Please get in touch. I live in Kentucky but will to travel for school.

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