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Are you facing challenges filling your CDL driver positions? We understand that attracting, training, and retaining skilled drivers can be both time-consuming and expensive. We offer a comprehensive approach that tackles your hiring and training needs from start to finish. Whether you need to train a current employee or source new talent, we can handle every aspect, providing you with a seamless and hassle-free experience.


Why Work With an Independent Training Provider

Sourcing Top Talent: Say goodbye to the tedious and resource-draining task of scouting for qualified drivers. We leverage our industry expertise and cutting-edge recruitment strategies to attract the best talent, saving you time, effort, and money.

Specialized Expertise: Third party certified truck driving schools, like DRC network schools, are equipped with experienced instructors who possess specialized knowledge and teaching techniques tailored to the unique challenges of commercial driving. 

Compliance Assurance: Certified truck driving schools ensure that their curriculum aligns with industry standards and regulatory requirements, guaranteeing that drivers receive comprehensive training on safety protocols, regulations, and best practices. All DRC network schools are proudly registered with FMCSA’s training provider registry. We follow FMSCA’s ELDT curricula guidelines, regulations, and requirements. In approximately four weeks, our experienced training team will have your student(s) prepared to take the CDL skills test.

Reduced Liability: Utilizing a certified truck driving school shifts the responsibility of driver training and qualification to experts, reducing the company’s liability in case of accidents or compliance issues.

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Performance Benchmarking: Certified schools regularly assess their training methods and student performance, ensuring that drivers meet predetermined benchmarks and quality standards.

Adaptability and Customization: Companies may benefit from the flexibility to choose specific training programs or modules that align with their unique requirements and operational needs.

Improved Driver Retention: Proper training from a certified school enhances driver confidence and competence, leading to higher job satisfaction and retention rates, saving the company the costs associated with frequent turnover.

Focus on Core Operations: By outsourcing training to experts, the company can concentrate on its primary business operations, such as fleet management, customer service, and expanding its services.

Industry Reputation: Collaborating with a certified truck driving school demonstrates the company’s commitment to safety, professionalism, and adherence to industry standards, enhancing its reputation among clients, partners, and regulators.


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Why DRC?

  • Customizable recruiting training solutions
  • 160-hour comprehensive ELDT program for Class A CDL
  • 13 locations nationwide
  • Online ELDT Hazmat endorsement course
  • Tanker endorsement training
  • Experienced instructors
  • Well maintained late-model equipment
  • Automatic transmission training (Manual training available upon request)
  • Weekly training start dates with weekend and night training available at some locations
  • Customizable training to meet your company’s needs
  • Trusted leader in fleet driver training for more than 30 years


Advantages of Hiring Student Drivers

While experienced drivers are often challenging to find and expensive to hire, we recognize the untapped potential and value that student drivers bring to the table.

The advantages of harnessing the potential of student CDL drivers include:

Coach-ability: Student drivers can be developed according to your company standards and culture. They become skilled professionals who align well with your company’s culture and practices. They bring no previous bad habits.

Decrease Turnover: Student drivers are typically more inclined to stay with a company that offers training. Student drivers can be more loyal than experienced drivers who may have switched companies multiple times.

Fill Challenging Roles: Student drivers are often eager to gain experience and are willing to take on positions that are not as desirable to experienced drivers, such as touch-freight, slip seating or OTR.

Grow Your Business: With a steady stream of student drivers, you will not have to wait to scale your business.

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