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Transition Into a Career in Trucking


Are you looking to transition to a new career, but not sure what to do? Consider joining the $791.7 billion transportation industry. A leading employer of Americans, Transportation employs one in thirteen people. Our network of schools are currently enrolling for upcoming classes. You can get your CDL in as little as four weeks, split into two weeks of online training and two weeks of in person hands-on training. The average salary of our graduates is $69,000 per year.*

Come learn how to be a professional truck driver. Get started by filling out the contact form below.

*Pay based on ATA Compensation Study.

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  1. I would prefer text or email. I am seriously considering the transition, I need help with tuition

  2. I have 41 years otr experience, I let my license lapse and DMV informed me to reinstate my CDL I will have to take a written and a driving test. How much would it cost to just use your truck for the driving test?

    1. We do. Call us at 800-391-2754 to speak with a career specialist and schedule your refresher

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