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Where Do Truck Drivers Sleep?


If you are considering a job as a truck driver you’ve probably wondered, where do truck drivers sleep? After all quality sleep is important to driving safely.

Where truck drivers sleep depends on the type of driving job. Drivers who transport cargo locally get home to sleep at the end of the day, but the same isn’t possible for all. So do truckers sleep in their trucks, or do they check in to a hotel at the end of the day?

Well, the latter isn’t the case most of the time – transporting goods is a time-sensitive task and as a result checking in and out of a hotel, every day may not be very convenient. Instead, sleeping within the truck itself is preferable. Most trucks used for regional and over-the-road (OTR) transport are designed with sleeper cabs, which ensure that the drivers can have a comfortable rest at the end of their shift.

What Are Sleeper Cabs?

If you look at a truck that transports goods over the road (OTR), you will notice that there is a small room or compartment just behind the driver’s seat. This is the sleeper cab where the driver rests.

The truck driver sleeper cab is well-equipped with all the necessities for a comfortable sleep. Think of it as a tiny house. In other words, truck drivers have a home away from home complete with all the basic amenities they need.  Sleeper trucks come equipped with a bed, storage area for clothes, lights, and electrical outlets. Many trucks may also include a mini-refrigerator, microwave, and TV. These may vary depending on the truck manufacturer and trucking company, as well as the preferences of the driver.

But one might also wonder where do truck drivers sleep, i.e., where do they park the truck before resting? Parking along the road isn’t a feasible idea, so truck drivers usually look for a spot in company facilities or truck stops along the way to their destination.

Do Truck Drivers Sleep in Hotels?

Truck drivers usually do not prefer hotels, and the main reason for this is the expense. Truck drivers may often need to drive for days to reach their destination and checking in at a hotel would not only cause unnecessary delays but also empty their pockets. Moreover, hotels often do not have enough parking space to accommodate the semi-trucks.

How Long Are Truck Drivers on the Road?

The length of time drivers are on the road and away from home depends on the type of driving job. Many carriers we work with offer dedicated and regional routes that get the driver home every weekend or more. However, there are driving job opportunities where drivers can spend weeks at a time on the road. Usually, the time they spend on the road depends on the distance they need to cover between the source and destination points. And this distance may also affect how truckers sleep.

But there are certain regulations in place that ensure the welfare of truck drivers. For instance, as per the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) guidelines, truck drivers can drive for a maximum limit of 11 hours at a stretch. Then followed by a break of 10 consecutive hours.

And that’s not all, drivers are not permitted to drive after 14 consecutive hours on duty. This may include the time taken for loading or unloading goods apart from driving. The regulations have also set a limit of up to 70 hours of on-duty driving on 8 days. After that, the driver is entitled to a 34-hour break.

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