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What is Reefer Trucking?


There are so many niche markets in trucking that often go overlooked but are just as critical to the country’s supply chain. That can include any number of freight from freshly caught fish off the coast of New England to transporting fuel.

It always helps to learn more about these different markets so you can capitalize on them and enjoy a profitable career on the road. For example, reefer trucking offers many opportunities to drivers. It has an ever-increasing demand because so many consumers want frozen products. Let’s get into how this form of trucking can benefit you.

What is a Reefer Truck Driver?

Reefer or refrigerated trucking is the transportation of perishable goods. It’s used to deliver fresh produce, meat, and dairy products, as well as medical supplies. The refrigerated trucks have insulated containers to keep the cargo cool while in transit.

Reefer trucks can operate at temperatures down to -40 degrees Fahrenheit (or even colder if they have specialized insulation and coolers). They are also equipped with climate-control systems that maintain a constant temperature inside the vehicle regardless of external conditions such as heat waves or blizzards.

How Do Truck Reefers Remain Cold?

Inside every reefer trailer is a cooling system to maintain a specific temperature setting according to the type of freight being transported. Most of the time, this is maintained from a diesel-powered generator either on the truck itself or attached to the trailer.

Is Being a Reefer Driver Worth It?

While there are some things to be aware of before jumping into this career, it’s important to remember that there are many benefits to working as a refrigerated truck driver. For example, the benefits of driving for a refrigerated carrier are …

1 – Plenty of Work

Reefer trucking is a growing industry with plenty of truck driving jobs available across the country. There’s no shortage of opportunities for reefer drivers to find work and make a good living.

2 – Higher Earning Potential

If you want to earn more than the average trucker, why not consider reefer trucking? You may be surprised to learn that, in many cases, reefer drivers can make as much or even more than other driver types. This has to do with the growing demand for frozen or climate-controlled items and the scarcity of specialty drivers that can handle the equipment.

3 – Quicker Pickup and Delivery

Reefer trucking services allow you to make fewer stops at each facility along your route. This means faster pickup times overall when compared with standard trucks or vans. Most of the facilities you’ll be working with (grocery stores, distribution centers, food processing, etc.) have extremely well-organized loading bays – meaning your job is much easier.

4 – Less Downtime Between Jobs

The fourth benefit of reefer trucking is the reduced downtime between jobs. When your refrigerator trailer is empty, it’s time to fill it up again with more produce and stock the next store.

Is Being a Reefer Driver Hard?

Reefer trucking can be a challenging job because it requires more attention to detail. This is a specialized niche market that will require more effort on your part for greater rewards. That means:

The most important part of the entire process, monitoring your freight, is what separates good reefer trucks from bad reefer trucks. You need be checking everything about your load along the journey, including its temperature, leakages, and damage from rough handling. Luckily there are digital tools like Bluetooth temperature gauges that make this much more manageable.

Can you Make More Money As A Reefer Driver?

If you’re looking to make more money as a truck driver, then reefer trucking may be the choice for you.

As the demand for perishable goods grows, so does the price tag of getting that freight from point A to B. If you choose this pathway for your trucking career, you’ll likely experience quality returns and not have to worry about long hauls due to the nature of your freight. 

Take the first step toward becoming a reefer driver by getting a CDL. Our career specialists can help answer your questions about CDL training. Fill out the form below.


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