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How to Remove a CDL Automatic Restriction?


If you’re a commercial driver, you probably know all about the restrictions that come with a CDL license. One of these restrictions is the automatic restriction, which limits the type of vehicles you can operate. But did you know that removing this restriction can help you gain access to more driving opportunities? Here’s what you need to know about CDL automatic restrictions and how to remove them.

What is a CDL automatic restriction?

A CDL automatic restriction, also known as a restriction E, is a limitation placed on your CDL license that restricts you from operating vehicles with a manual transmission. This restriction is placed on your license automatically when you take your CDL driving test in a vehicle with an automatic transmission. It means that you are only licensed to operate vehicles with an automatic transmission.

Why remove the automatic restriction?

While the automatic restriction may not be a big deal for some commercial drivers, it can limit your job opportunities. Many commercial vehicles, such as dump trucks, garbage trucks, and cement trucks, have manual transmissions. By removing the automatic restriction, you can gain access to a wider range of driving jobs and potentially earn a higher salary.

How do I remove the automatic restriction from my CDL?

To remove the automatic restriction from your CDL license, you’ll need to take your driving test in a vehicle with a manual transmission. This means you’ll need to practice driving a manual transmission vehicle until you feel confident enough to take the test. You can also take a CDL training course that includes manual transmission instruction.

Once you’re ready to take the test, schedule an appointment at your local DMV or commercial driving school. During the test, you’ll need to demonstrate your ability to safely operate a vehicle with a manual transmission. If you pass the test, the automatic restriction will be removed from your CDL license.

What is the Difference Between a Manual and Automatic Truck?

The main difference between automatic and manual transmission trucks is how they shift gears. In a manual transmission truck, the driver uses a clutch pedal and gear shifter to manually change gears. In contrast, an automatic transmission truck has a torque converter that automatically shifts gears based on the truck’s speed and load.

Is it Hard to Drive a Manual Truck?

Many commercial drivers may wonder if it’s hard to drive a manual transmission truck. The answer to this question can vary depending on the driver’s experience and skill level. Here are some factors to consider when determining if it’s hard to drive a manual truck.

Experience Level

One of the biggest factors that can impact how difficult it is to drive a manual truck is the driver’s experience level. For drivers who have only driven automatic transmission vehicles, switching to a manual transmission truck can be challenging. Learning to coordinate the clutch and gears takes practice, and it can be frustrating for drivers who are not used to the process.

However, for drivers who have experience driving manual transmission vehicles, driving a manual truck may not be difficult at all. They may already have the necessary muscle memory and coordination skills to operate the clutch and gears smoothly.

Terrain and Load

Another factor that can impact how hard it is to drive a manual truck is the terrain and load being carried. In areas with steep hills or mountainous terrain, a manual transmission truck may be more difficult to drive as the driver must coordinate the clutch and gears to maintain speed and avoid stalling.

Similarly, driving with a heavy load can make a manual transmission truck more challenging to operate. Drivers must carefully coordinate the clutch and gears to maintain speed and avoid damage to the truck’s transmission.

Personal Preferences

Ultimately, whether or not it’s hard to drive a manual truck can also come down to personal preferences. Some drivers may prefer the control and engagement that comes with driving a manual transmission truck, while others may find it tiring and frustrating.

For drivers who are unsure if they would enjoy driving a manual truck, it may be helpful to try it out before committing to a career that requires it. Many driving schools and trucking companies offer training programs that include manual transmission instruction, which can be a great way to try it out in a controlled environment.


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