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How Many Times Can You Retake a CDL Permit Test?


Starting a career in commercial driving means getting a Commercial Driver’s License (CDL). It starts with passing the Commercial Learners Permit (CLP) exam, which proves you know the rules and regulations of commercial driving. But what happens if you don’t pass on your first try? How many times can you retake the CDL permit test? This post addresses these questions, offering clarity and guidance for prospective commercial drivers.

Understanding the CDL Permit Exam

Before diving into the specifics of retaking the exam, it’s essential to understand what the CLP test entails. This exam tests your knowledge on a range of topics related to commercial driving, including safety, vehicle operation, and state-specific regulations. Passing it is the first step in obtaining your CDL permit, which allows you to practice driving a commercial vehicle on public roads under supervision. Learn more about getting a CDL permit.

How Many Times Can You Retake the CDL Permit Test?

The question of “how many times can you retake the CDL permit test” has a somewhat variable answer, as it largely depends on the regulations set by the state in which you are taking the test. Most states do have a limit on the number of attempts within a certain period, typically ranging from three to six tries within a year. After reaching the limit, you might be required to wait a specific period before you can retake the test.

How Many Times Can You Fail Your CDL Permit Test?

Closely related to the above, the number of times you can fail your CDL permit test before facing restrictions is typically the same as the number of retakes allowed. State policies vary, so it’s important to check with your local Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) for the exact rules. If you reach the maximum number of failures allowed, you may need to wait a certain period before trying again.

What Happens If You Fail Your CDL Permit Test?

Failing the CDL test can be discouraging, but it’s not the end of the road. If you fail, you’re usually allowed to retake the test, although you might have to wait for a minimum period before your next attempt. This waiting period varies by state but generally ranges from a few days to a week. It’s a good opportunity to study further and address the areas where you faced difficulty.

When Can I Retake My CDL Permit Test?

The timing for when you can retake your CDL permit test after a failure also depends on state regulations. Some states require a waiting period after each attempt, regardless of how many times you’ve tried. This enforced break is a good chance to better prepare for your next attempt. Always verify the specific waiting period with your state’s DMV.

Retake CDL Permit Test: Strategies for Success

After failing the CDL permit test, take the time to review the areas where you struggled. Many resources are available for prospective drivers, including study guides, practice tests, and courses, both online and in-person. Focusing on these materials can significantly increase your chances of success in subsequent attempts. One strategy is to take our free CDL practice tests.

Get Started

The journey to becoming a licensed commercial driver involves several steps, with the Commercial Learners Permit test being the initial hurdle. When you enroll in a Driver Resource Center network school we’re there to make sure you’re ready for the permit test. With our expert guidance and resources, we’ll help you understand everything you need to know to pass the test with flying colors. From learning the rules of the road to mastering the ins and outs of commercial driving, we’ve got you covered. Our supportive instructors will walk you through each step of the process, ensuring you feel confident and prepared when test day arrives.


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