CDL Training

How Long Does It Take to Get a CDL?


It typically takes 3-4 weeks to complete CDL training. This is considering a full-time class schedule. There are several factors that can impact the length of training time. 

What Factors Affect the Time It Takes to Get a CDL?

A CDL truck driver is one of the few high paying careers that does not require a college degree or a lot of time. It does, however, take dedication. When selecting a CDL school, you will want to consider the following factors.


When attending CDL school there are two options, either full time or part time. The benefit of full-time attendance is you can finish in 3-4 weeks. Full-time attendance in our program is five days a week, Monday through Friday. However, flexible part time and night schedules are available at some schools. Attending classes part-time will extend the time it takes to get a CDL. The goal is to select a program that enables you to understand the material and develop the skills needed to get a commercial driver’s license. 

Program Length

DRC network schools offer a 160-hour training curriculum This is split into two parts, classroom and driving. Classroom training is 40 hours and covers the essential knowledge needed to safely operate a commercial vehicle. From DOT regulations and defensive driving techniques to road condition, classroom time is vital to your success and lays the foundation for road and range training. The length of classroom training can affect how long truck driving school takes but it is very important.

Road and Range training is 120 hours and follows classroom training. Students spend their time practicing driving and backing maneuvers like the straight line back and alley dock. In addition, students will practice on the road driving with a licensed CDL driver. Our curriculum is set up to provide adequate time for students to develop their skills and comfort behind the wheel. 

License Type

There are three different types of CDL licenses: Class A, B, and C. Each classification allows you to drive trucks with various weight ratings. You will need a Class A CDL to drive trucks with a gross vehicle weight rating (GVWR) of 26,001 pounds or more. Class A driving school takes longer than Class B, because you can drive a larger variety of trucks and heavier loads. DRC’s CDL training programs are for Class A CDL and take 3-4 weeks. Obtaining a Class B CDL, which would prepare you to drive a straight truck, dump truck and smaller weight loads, takes less time. However, the time it takes to get a Class A CDL is worth it because of increased earning potential.

Student Ability

How long CDL training takes depends on your ability to understand and master driving maneuvers. The better your aptitude for driving, the more likely you will complete training in 3-4 weeks. Through a DRC network school, additional training beyond 160 hours is provided at no additional cost. We understand that all students learn at a different pace and our goal is to ensure you have the skills to pass the CDL exam. Most students complete training in 4 weeks with no previous driving experience.

Testing Schedule

How long it takes to become a truck driver can be affected by testing availability. Some CDL schools offer on-site third-party testing. While others require students to test at state government locations. The type of testing and availability can determine this timeline.


Additional endorsements to your CDL license can increase the number of job opportunities available to you after graduation. Each endorsement can add additional time to become a truck driver. Six additional endorsements can be placed on your CDL. The type of endorsement you add depends on your driving career goals. Endorsements can be added throughout your career.

  1. (H) Hazardous Materials 
  2. (X) Tanker/HAZMAT Combo 
  3. (N) Tank Vehicle 
  4. (T) Double/Triple Endorsement
  5. (P) Passenger Transport
  6. (S) School Bus/Passenger Transport Combo

Truck drivers are in high demand. The Driver Resource Center’s network of CDL training schools provide comprehensive training and job placement services. You can get your CDL in 3-4 weeks and graduate with multiple truck driving job opportunities. To get started apply today or call a career specialist. Our career specialists can help determine which tuition assistance programs may help you.