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Brandon Carney CDL License

Driven to Success: Brandon Carney

Starting a new career can be time-consuming, costly and stressful. But it doesn’t have to be. Just ask professional driver Brandon Carney. Two years ago he contacted Driver Resource Center about getting his CDL. Brandon was serious about getting to work. He was approved and scheduled for driving school in the same day. “I called on Tuesday and was at school Saturday,” remembers Brandon. “The process was really easy. They helped me through everything to get my CDL license. In total, after just five weeks I graduated with my CDL license and a job.”

Brandon recalls how surprised his friends were by how quickly he got a CDL license and started working. “Where I am from in West Virginia you either work in retail and warehousing or government jobs. A lot of high paying jobs require a college degree or a lot of training. I was able to get training for a job that suits me and I make great money. I love trucking.”

Since graduating, Brandon has paid off his CDL school loan and is now happily driving. “There are a lot of opportunities available to you once you have driving experience. I love my current job. They pay great and have excellent equipment. Getting my CDL was financially freeing as I now make more per week than I expected.”

Brandon’s advice to others who need a job or want a higher paying job is to consider trucking. “Trucking is a lifestyle and it is what you make of it. You can make a great career as a professional truck driver.”

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