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CDL Instructor Spotlight: Jason Hayes


We are fortunate to have experienced and dedicated CDL instructors like Jason Hayes who teaches at our Elizabethtown, KY campus. Jason joined CDL Training Services nearly 5 years ago following a 9-year professional driving career. 

Jason Hayes CDL Instructor

Jason is able to draw upon his years of professional truck driving to help prepare our students for their new careers. “I like using my experience to give someone else the opportunity to improve their life.” says Jason.

Jason’s goal as a CDL instructor is to build trust with his students. “I want my students to trust and believe in me. Building a relationship is so important because they need to be able to take constructive criticism from me,” he states. 

One of Jason’s favorite aspects of his job is when graduates return to campus to visit. He enjoys seeing their success and the pride that graduates have in their truck and the job they are doing.  Jason believes that’s when you know you are doing something right. 

Jason’s advice to anyone thinking about becoming a CDL instructor is to think about what they enjoy about their job as a truck driver. “If you don’t enjoy your job then you probably won’t enjoy teaching it.”

He goes on to emphasize the importance of a good personality and attitude. “We work with all walks of life and we need to make training a good experience for everyone. This can be a challenging, but very fulfilling job. We get to be there to see a person’s further unfold and that is powerful.”

When Jason isn’t training the next generation of truck drivers, he enjoys acting, collecting watches and pens. He is also a self-proclaimed history junkie and loves to study WWI in particular. His life’s goal is to make people laugh. 

The Driver Resource Center and our network of CDL Schools are always looking for experienced drivers to join us as CDL instructors. We’re currently hiring at several locations. If you are interested in learning more about these career opportunities, please apply here. 


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